• Thanks for all the custom over the last year....
  • Catacomb Set shipping now
    The catacomb set is shipping now - next stop...
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Our terrain is perfect for miniature games like Dungeons and Dragons.  It is cast in rock-hard polystone and it comes completely hand-painted right out of the box.  The pieces are incredibly durable, and they will last a lifetime of gaming fun.  The detailing in the sculpting and painting is amazing!  The scale is 25-28mm with each square equaling one inch.

Warehouse closed / Frontline Game DK shipping DF in the New Year

Thanks for all the custom over the last year. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The warehouse is now closed and will open again on the 6th of January. The last order went out today just half an hour after coming in.

I will be answering e-mails and questions - but please allow me the odd day off-line. If you are really lucky I might have everything in stock and might send it out. But no guarantees - so check if you are unable to wait.

You might also try Guildhall Games www.guildhallgames.co.uk/ in Dover. You might even meet me there. Unfortunately the webpage is currently down - so best go to the Facebook pages www.facebook.com/GuildhallGames. Tracey has done a great display and nothing beats to see and touch everything before buying. Just ask ahead if you need something specific as her stock is limited.

And we also have news for our Skandinavian customers. They will start selling DF from January onwards - you can reach them at http://shop.fow.dk/ - I don't understand Danish but seems the shop is down right now. But I'm told that they should have DF on sale from January 4th - they already got a whole pallet full.

Games Tiles in stock now - River and Lake sets back

The wait is over. Today we have shipped all pre-orders and are now ready to take orders for the new Game Tiles sets and to ship immidiately.

I had my very own first hands on experience with the Games Tiles last Friday and they look and feel great. They are especially great if you want to carry them somewhere else - like myself who will often visit conventions as GM.

They take up a lot less space and are so sturdy - you don't have to worry to break anything. And for customers from afar - the single set is just below the magic 2kg mark - so we can ship it trhoughout all of Europe for the same price.

If you are a resin enthusiast - don't despair - there is also something for you as well. We have the River and Wall set and the Lake set and Lake extension back in stock. These sets are the most beautyful ones that Dwarven Forge has produced. And they have produced a lot of great sets. Grep them while they are in stock.


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