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Our terrain is perfect for miniature games like Dungeons and Dragons.  It is cast in rock-hard polystone and it comes completely hand-painted right out of the box.  The pieces are incredibly durable, and they will last a lifetime of gaming fun.  The detailing in the sculpting and painting is amazing!  The scale is 25-28mm with each square equaling one inch.

Cavern Kickstarter sets available for Christmas orders

Cavern Kickstarter sets available for Christmas orders

If you have taken part in the second Dwarvenforge Kickstarter, then you should have got by now your sets (or at least they are close). The cavern kickstarter has been a great success - and in case you missed something - you can still order in time to get it for Christmas.

Cavern sets:

All cavern sets and add-ons are uploaded. Go to the product page and Dwavenite Caverns to find them all.

Dungeon Passages - pictures are ready and I need to add them to the store. This should be later tonight (19:00 GMT as I write this). You will find these sets in the Dwavenite Dungeon area.

Lizardmen and newts - they will follow in the miniature section once the passages are uploaded

How long can you order?

The warehouse will close after the 19th and stay closed for 2 weeks until the next year. So please take care to order until the 18th to get it shipped before Christmas. Keep in mind that packets can take longer around Christmas time - so don't leave it to the last minute if you need it below the tree.

Miniaturicum in Germany should also have the sets on order ahead of Christmas. Check them out if you are a German customer.

KS backers who need replacements will get priotity shipping ahead of all other customers.

Special offer:

If you buy 2 or more cavern sets or 3 or more add-ons then I will reward this with a voucher. For the second cavern set and each additional set earn a £10 voucher. For the 3 add-on pack and each additional pack earn a £5 voucher.

I will send these out after the orders. These are individualized vouchers. Please drop me a message if you don't get yours in time.

Ahead warning: Some of the resin sets will increase in price from January onwards. Buying sets going out of stock is more costly. This will not apply to all sets and will not apply to dwarvenite sets. This will be the very first increase in price since I started this store.



Catacomb 2 available now

Catacomb 2 and restock available now (20/08/2014)

The long wait is finally over. Catacomb 2 is now available. And Stefan once again has surpassed himself. The catacomb 2 set is the ideal addition to the existing catacomb set. But it also works on it's own as I tested out at PaizoCon UK.

Ordering: We take orders now but please be aware that the warehouse is closed in the week 25th to 30th of August due to holidays. Some sets might go out ahead of the holiday, but please be patient if we don't manage.

Pre-orders: We are keeping stock back for everyone who mailed me or who posted online. So take your time.

Catacomb 2


Stefan did listen to customer feedback. We now have large 4*4 inch tiles which are ideal for larger rooms. They work well with the new 4 inch long lighted walls.

A 4*4 inch large fountain can be used as the center-piece of a tomb. A new door protects the room from intruders. 4 square corners allow to form rooms or can be used with the existing catacomb set.

Several different inserts round up the options.


Restock Wicked I, II, Floors and Catacomb I

We also have new stock of Wicked Additions I and II, the Fantasy Floor Sets and Catacomb I. We never ran out of Fantasy Floors and Catacomb I - but we have been close. If you have been waiting for Wicked Additions to come back - they are in stock now and can be ordered immediately.

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