Dwarvenite - unpainted sets, secret treasure

Have you tried them out already?

Have you seen our wider range of unpainted Dwarvenite sets - painting is ever so easy, even fun!

And if the set you always wanted is sold out in the painted version -> painting a set is a great alternative. Give it a try. Read the tip-sheet first - http://www.dwarvenforge.com/wp-content/uploads/painting-guides/IMPORTANT-PAINTING-TIPS.pdf

You can find example painting instructions here: http://www.dwarvenforge.com/city-builder-painting-guides/

But with the drybrush technique you can get fantastic effects and also create your own colour scheme, you do not have to keep to the city-builder instructions.

Get Creative, Get Painting!

And email us pictures of your results, so we can publish them for all to see.  


Orders back to normal

Still a lot other backend things to do. But orders are back fine since a while now.

Best Kept Secret! The Narrow Passage Set

altWhile this fact is known by some veteran DF collectors, many of players do not realize the incredible usefulness of the Narrow Passage Set.


Not only does it make great...um...Narrow Passages, but since each piece is the same size as a normal dungeon room piece, these "passages" can be used to make GREAT interior walls.  Imagine this piece pictured here in the middle of a room to make a cool little alcove.


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